Broken People

Food Services

Old friends and new employers

After licking their wounds and otherwise obtaining consciousness everyone figured it was time to go home and have a shower. As there were a couple of spare motorcycles handy some keys were appropriated and everyone went home to clean up. After that a meeting was called with Tobias.

The job was set for several for several days. The turnaround on this was mere hours Tobias “Throatripper” Redknee decided to throw in some extra cash as a bonus.

He also told Scott Braddock that a fellow named Cpt. Percival G.A. Wain had been asking around for him. He seemed genuinely concerned about Scott Braddock but Tobias “Throatripper” Redknee did not give out his comm information just in case and passed along the message. He reminded the team that group was tomorrow and that it was going to be “Jane’s” turn to share.

Scott gave Percy a call and they setup a meet for tomorrow afternoon downtown at ‘The Butcher and Bullock’ pub.
Afterwards the group heads over to Max Pwer (Mad Max) auto shop and Johny Awe-Sum shows him the bikes. Max thinks it over for a bit and agrees to move them. He says he’ll get in touch in a couple of days with a sale price.

At group they are introduced to a newcomer, named Eddie
Eddie shares (need some details here)
After Eddie finishes his tale (both Johny and Scott fail miserably to recognize him) it’s Jane’s turn to share. For the next 45 minutes everyone at group is subjected to her neurotic ramblings. Currently she is very upset and worried that her rat no longer likes her. It is chewing on the end of it’s paper roll very violently. This is causing her no end of suffering and torment.

Her story touches Scott deeply. After group he heads down to New Westminster and pops in to see Phiki. He explains how depressed Jane’s story made him and asks her if she has anything that might make him feel happier.
He purchases a SIM and goes into her guest room to slot it He then spends the next 3 hours dieing of liver failure. He wakes up late the next morning, at home feeling, alive and AWESOME!!
“I just died of liver failure and I FEEL GREAT!!! I have NO IDEA how i got home and i DON’T CARE because i just survived dieing of liver failure!! WOOOOOooo”

The team meets with Percy and Lance, who immeadiately check on how Scott is doing and if he is using (and are somewhat displeased that he is still using). The now asking to be called Mr. Johnson indicate that a SIM production company (specifically the food network) have elected to change security providers. They ask that the team either kill or kidnap the executive producer (Chet VanderHoof) and producer (Wilkes Bush) while they are taking an AR golf vacation in a resort near Ferndale.
Mr. Johnson says that he can provide 5 SINs of registered guests, however they won’t match the biometrics and encoding data (especially for a troll and a cybered out elf). As a note the golf resort runs on full AR and is designed to emulate a 19th century Victorian style resort, to say the least it is very humano-centric but the system locks all AR systems into full. Mr. Johnson also indicates that he can arrange for a charter helicopter to get them into the resort.

Johny goes VR and manages to edit the AR file(s) for the SINs. A small tangle with some IC causes some damage to his deck but he makes it out intact.

Going in, the team elects to have EddieWin stealth completely, while the rest of the team uses their new IDs (interestingly It ended up with a Samantha Deacon’s id, she happens to be a 5’3" brunette).
On the way in the team sees that the resort has very few gates and the fencing seems to be 12’ razor wire in two concentric rings. between the fences are some type of astrally capable and very large dog (Paxhom opines that they are likely Hellhounds). They are greeted by stunned porters (no baggage and short one guest).
In AR they see loads of very Caucasian people in white ‘country’ outfits playing golf, polo (out of AR on little wheeled platforms), tennis and drinking in the sun. Quite lovely if you believe in some sort of utopian pre-goblinizatin white washed society.
As they are guided to their room, Scott spot Wilkes.

It and Eddie go and scope out where they saw Wilkes. On the way they see one of the ‘dogs’, they are huge (over 4’ at the shoulder and easily 200lbs). They find the marks, they are incredibly drunk in a golf foursome.
In a brilliant move, It uses his femininity to lure the producers back for an ‘audition’… my god were they drunk as they decided to stagger back to ’Samantha’s’ room.

On the way back a guard/dog combination moves to investigate but Eddie distracts them with a clever pistol shot.
On entering the teams party room, It and Eddie club the the poor gits in a blur of teeth and blood.


Denis abuckley

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