Broken People

Food Services: The 19th hole

Who let the dogs out?

The Team calls for a plane to pick them up, which will arrive in about 6 hours.
The producer, Wilkes, comes too and vomits profusely (blood, breakfast and gin). Scott threatens him. Everyone decides to sit tight and keep a watch out until the plane comes.

Paxhom takes a looks in Astral Space and sees some of the big dogs approaching (they are definitely some kind of dual-natured meat chewing monstrosities), while Johny is seeing all clear on the VR horizon.
Johny careful lifts and swaps SINs from the marks to It and Scott.
One of Wilkes and Chet’s colleagues come by to get them for dinner, but Scott intimidates them away by getting very upset that he would “show up and try to cock block his boss while he’s getting a sweet piece of ass”.

Scott‘s AR gets an overlay message from security telling him that they know ’he’ has been kidnapped and don’t worry security will getting them out. This puts the team on alert and Paxhom and Johny continue to keep watch.

The team is not in any way surprised when the Security guards let loose 4 of the massive hounds into their apartment. The “dogs” are not actually dogs, but Barghests. 2 of them immediately start the gnaw on It, who finds this very amusing until his Goggles flesh bright white, momentarily blinding him. Johny begins struggling to fend off the resident decker who is using the mainframe to make their life difficult. Eddie begins dancing with a Barghest of his own. One of the guards grabs Scott and begins hustling him out the back door shouting “Come on, we’re rescuing you!”. Paxhom begins summoning a massive Combat elemental.

Eddie bobs and weaves with his dance partner. The dance ends with the Barghest becoming intimate with his monowhip. Paxhom finishes summoning a Giant flaming Lion headed Combat elemental and instructs it to “Burn that damn Dog”. After killing the Barghest it then proceeds to set fire to the Brick wall behind it. Eddie realizes there is another guard outside and does a quick 2-Step past the Elemental and it’s puppy inferno. Introducing himself to the Guard he proceeds to completely fail to introduce him to his monowhip. The guard points his barrel into Eddie’s chest, pulls the trigger and introduces Eddie to his friends, Heckler & Kosh.

Meanwhile, It has decided that these puppies are really not as sweet and adorable as the first thought, and has decided they need to be turned inside out in order to have their perspective altered. Scott, who has at this point been “rescued” finds himself alone with a single guard and opens up the back of his skull as a thank you.

The two producers were actually grabbed by security during the fight. Paxhom and Scott try to resuscitate Eddie in a building where the elemental had set BRICKS ON FIRE. It runs down the guards who are hupping the producers. He chucks a knife into one with Johny managing to deliver a coup de gras.
It threatens the remaining guard who shoves a gun barrel into his captives mouth. Johny disables the guys smartgun which is not good for him as It’s punch is terminal.

The conversation went as follows:
Guard ‘You make a move and I blow this guys head off!’
Johny : ‘Hang on a sec It . ’
Guard <confused>
Johny ’Go It
Guard: <click>
Guard <face>

The group evacuates the fire that is apparently igniting nonburnable material (as the combat elemental has opened the gates of hell) and takes a moment to address a few wounds quickly.


Denis Denis

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