Broken People

The Rosary


The Characters (Scott, It, Johny, and Paxhom) met Tobias “Throatripper” Redknee at an abandoned RV park in Chiliwack. Tobias drove up majestically in his highly expensive black, red and chrome muscle car (Fiat-Chrysler Imperial) and handed out beers to to everyone involved. At which point he re-introduced himself as Mr. Johnson.
Apparently there was a client had a very old rosary (wood cross with INRI almost rubbed out and ivory beads) taken by a motorcycle gang setting up shop nearby. The client would be quite willing to part with 30k nuyen for the return of their property. Some banter occurred with Paxhom trying to suss out the identity of someone who would care for an obviously well loved rosary, the net result was that no one cared what occurred with the gangers.
Investigation found that the gang was led by a very imposing troll and it seemed that an elf was an obvious shaman. The gang was basing themselves in an old gas station off of a secondary highway.
The group motored to the gas station and found only 2 bikes locally. Scott volunteered to talk to the residents, Paxhom elected to buff Scott’s reaction time. This turned Scott in a squirrel hyped up on too much Caffeine. When a dwarf answered the door the following occurred, very quickly.
Scott, “Hicanyouhandovertherosary”
Surprised Dwarf “… Fuck off”
Scott “PlanB!”
Scott stabbed the dwarf in the neck/
At which point nothing goes well for the two gangers as they are stabbed, shot, slashed and variously made very dead.

While most of the group was surprised at the suddenness of the altercation, the gas station was swept (finding a bale of dope and 7 sleeping areas as well as an impressively clogged toilet) to ratify that a shaman was with the gang due to the lodge in a car bay.
Johny and Paxhom elected to tour around and try and find the gangers, with success. It and Scott settled in (Scott on the roof in a hidden position and It on the couch, mercifully troll sized)
4 bikers were traveling back home in a relaxed manner (apparently comm etiquette is lacking). When the gang arrived at the gas station, the lack of response from the two guards was becoming worrisome. However, Scott elected to open up negotiations by opening up the Elf-Shamans face … in a fairly terminal manner.
Strangely, negotiations did not go well after that. While Scott layed down cover fire(well pegged anyone at leisure really), It moved to the front of the building and grenades stated going off. It started chopping people to bits, and the big troll made a break for it on his motorcycle, with Johny and Paxhom close behind.
The shaman’s bound spirit made a B-line for Scott and frankly made mincemeat out of him. While It polished of any gangers still in one piece at the front before running to intercept the Troll at the back.
Meanwhile, Johny chased the motorcycle in his van, Paxhom buffed the heck of out of the vehicle. This was handy as Johny decided to cut the corner of the building. What happens when an immovable object(building) meets an unstoppable force(big van)? While in this case the unstoppable force came to an abrupt halt, not so much the ambulatory flesh bags riding inside.
The big Troll bowled into the garage firing blindly at It (who elected to try and be peaceable). Unfortunately the spirit, done eating Scott, decided that the best way to celebrate it’s new found freedom was by pulling the troll-ganger’s aorta out, as a thank you for how shittily the troll treated his shaman.

After a lot of effort resuscitating the heavily injured (Paxhom was conscious, Scott and Johny were mostly dead), the cross was found with the shaman. Some of the beads had soaked up a bit of blood to cause a stain. Since no one seemed to have noticed the altercation various bits and bobs held by the gangers were appropriated before buggering off.


Denis Denis

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