Tobias "Throatripper" Redknee

Organizer of Self Help


Tobias “Throatripper” Redknee was born an Ork in the Sto’lo nation outside of Vancouver. While he was manifestly well loved as a child Throatripper’s love of music and being an Ork led him to joining several bands, ending up in “Left Hand of Death”. They had a minor hit when they released a ballad called “Roses from Hearthblood”. The band fell apart when their various addictions and violent convictions prevented further touring.

Since, those days Tobias (fyi Toby’s don’t have knuckles that look like walnuts attached to a small ham) has decided to devote himself to community outreach… oh and working as a Mr. Johnson.

He tends to dress conservatively in long sleeved checked shirts in order to hide many of his tattoos and obvious mods. Similarly, his left tusk is heavily carved and he often wears a cover over it (it is also very XXX).
And he drives a heavily modified Fiat-Chrysler 300E hot rod.

Tobias "Throatripper" Redknee

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