Broken People

Into the woods

-Trip to Sioux City
– low level flight with ~40 migrant workers
– flight went north ensuring that it was never closer than 1000km from Denver
– met by a farmer in his field and driven to his farm, fed, and let to have their 2 trucks.
– Drive to Dickinson (nearest city to the church/temple) is over 500miles expected 2 days
– On a pit stop the team finds a place that sells real salami, which they spend a ton of money to buy and eat.

- Arriving into Dickinson (pop 200) the team noticed several things
– A farmers field has a massive camp with at least 40 people wearing survivalist/paramilitary outfits (also armed)
– In the direction of the church/temple is a huge wood with 100m+ trees. Clearly, the magical spike was very extreme.

- The team decides that the SINless (Scott and It) should take the less legal equipment by foot around the town while the rest gather supplies and fuel.
– Johny was awesome and ran not one, but two cars into the back of the town’s sheriff (Lone Star)
-Cop turns out to be set in combat armour and armed to the teeth. He tells off the team but accidentally called Eddie a Keebler. At which point Eddie went on a tear effectively sexually harassment. But the sheriff decides to tell them to be careful and avoid the yahoos out of the city.

- Moving to the woods, the team got stalked by two of the milita. And perhaps, Eddie et al got a bit excited and exterminated them and buried the bodies.
-The trees are huge some are well over 100m tall.
- The team marched quickly through the forest, briefly stalked by a cougar
- they find the church… and its guardian a youthful feathered serpent. Who is apparently the missing staff member named Burning Lake.

- Johny gets dragged up a tree to contact Senor Fernandez. Who offers an ammendment:
15,000 if they can remove the artifact
25,000 if they can save this
-Also please ask Burning Lake to come home
– militia must have some relic to find the church, team was inivited

Team goes out and tries to ghost the militia and spot that Pope Joan is there. Also they see the wood and bone crucifix
A small group of militia try to sneak up on the team and are killed

A Refresh for August
Licking wounds

After an uninspiring trip back to Vancouver (even a roadblock was passed with ease) the group engaged in some rest and recharge including many of the following:

  • A stack of certified credsticks were delivered to Scott’s abode, including a 2k bonus which Scott pockets.
  • Scott distributes the cash and wanders of to go on an extended drug-cation with the bonus cash.
  • Scott buys 3 BTLs (an upper, a Jack the Ripper persona chip, and a hospice death)
  • Paxhom realizes that in order to move out of his squat he will need to acquire a SIN. He manages to make contact with a Sergei Saytsova an Ork chef of Russian descent who provides Paxhom with a high quality SIN.
  • MadMax asks that Johny and go come to his Vancouver garage to receive the sale price of the bikes, at a very specific time. Offering a bonus means that the team gets to be at Max’s garage as a well dressed and armed fellow came by to pressurize Max into vacating the premises. Scott causes a bit of a scene as he was slotting a BTL that revved him up)
  • It spends some time and money with some soup kitchens and youth outreach programs. Then buys stuff.
  • Johny repairs his deck while ordering and buying a whack of new cool toys including a new animatronic tattoo of a truck.
  • Paxhom finds an apartment with a large workspace then contacts Ms. Khat to purchase a lodge. Ms. Khat takes brutal advantage of Paxhom and polishes his little abbot.
  • Scott reacts badly to the Ripper BTL and loses 3 days. He wakes up to find a bloody leather apron in a closet. Then a liver, a pair of lungs, kidneys, and a left hand in the fridge.

A Senor Fernandez (aka Mr. Johnson in Spanish) was reputed to be looking for Eddie. A meet was arranged at an address in a very sleazy part of East Vancouver. When the team arrived the row house showed a significant amount of passive security (reinforces walls, fences with barbs, heavy doors, cameras).
On approach Eddie’s ID was verified via active and passive scanning and the team was let into a very well appointed office with a receptionist who informed the team that Senor Fernandez would meet with the team in a VR room and that they were to enter the next office and each person was to grasp the door handle firmly.
Upon entry the team apparently walked into an evening meeting in Aztlan with a Mesoamerican fellow with a bit of a black and silver fetish. Eddie freezes up as he realizes that Senor Fernandez is Raul Tezcatlipoca and was the holder of his indentureship. Johny says something snotty about coffee (Juam Valdez) at which point the senor ensures that some of his Organic Coffee be made available.
Senor Fernandez offers the team a job to go and investigate a holding in UCAS that he is unable to visit directly. Offering 10,000nuyen per week and a flight landing near Sioux City. Clever haranguing and negotiating insisted on a 3 week minimum, reasonable expenses and that the team would not do anything other than visit/find the property in question. This was agreed upon and a departure no later than Wednesday (5 days) was insisted upon.
As a bonus, Senor Fernandez asked that the run be recorded on Eddie’s (now catatonic) Sim recording gear. An aside with Paxhom had another gift left for the team.
On departure a package of a few data sticks, a bag of freshly roasted coffee, a SimSense kit and a card (labeled Duende de Morta Jungle Trek)
The data sticks show an imprecise map that cites a location 140 miles north west of Sioux City and what appears to be some sort of bizarre church/pyramid building. The area is one of the places that was effected by the massive forest regrowth most commonly noted in Amazonia.

News: August Hot Topics
Okanagan Rampage and A Burning Passion
Old Timey Fireball

The dubiously famous Hovander Imperial Resort was burned to the ground today in a suspicious fire.


Local Ferndale residents were astounded to see blasts of flame shooting 10s of meters in to the morning sky as the private airfield’s fuel supply was touched off. Fumes and toxic smoke have traveled as far as Everett and local residents are requested to remain indoors or wear rebreathers.
Resort spokesperson, Kendall vanderOranje, is quoted as saying “We are concentrating on getting our guests back to their various corporate enclaves safely. While we have had several employees severely injured we are determined to ensure that our guests return home safely.”

Viewers should recall a previous story about the strange and slightly repulsive AR and RL requirements of the Hovander. Recreating British Imperial times means that no metahumans are permitted on site and that all of the agreed upon AR imagoes must be of Caucasian decent.
To date there has been no proof of allegations of Humanis Policlub affiliation.

Dirty Laundry Winery Wins Prestigious Award

Local winery found out that they are to be presented with a gold medal from the “Association d’elegance du vin”. Dirty Laundry entered several wines into the Biennial competition and their ‘Unfaithful Whore’ rose was named best in class for all rose.
“We find that the slight barnyard odour we purposefully impart with the overall lush and slightly fruit forward flavour has made our Unfaithful Whore offering very approachable in the mass market and also the palates of wine speculators”. Mr. Bourdain was happy to speak to us at length.
When asked about the strong name for such a lively summery vintage, Mr. Bourdain began with the story of the brothel that was housed in the main winery before drifting off and ranting, “take that you ungrateful bitch, Louise! I have it all and you are probably stretched out like a limo you ungrateful cheating whore!” before tearing off his trousers and running through the vineyard.

Okanagan Truck Stop Firefight


A massive firefight erupted this afternoon at a truck stop servicing North-South transit on the 97 Highway. Shocked employees and customers dove for cover as several seconds of automatic fire and magic lightning bolts left 2 dead.
Police were unable to find useful security footage but several of the rigs were able to make out 8 survivors that made getaways in road vehicles.
Two bodies found were a brother and sister, Wendy and Viktor Browne. Wendy was allegedly executed in her car with an unnamed police member saying “Her body was completely ripped up, what kind of maniac does this?”.
Wendy was recently dismissed from her security job at Hovander Resort. Police are investigating if this had anything to do with the suspicious fire at Hovander earlier in the day.

Food Services: Flight to the Okanagan
Fire it up

With the team in relatively good shape and the golf resort on fire, It bundled up the the producers and the team followed Eddie and Scott in a stealthy dash across the golf course towards the airstrip.

During this time, the fire set by the Lion-headed elemental was raging out of control, continuing to burn things that had no business being on fire. The north wing of the building was a raging fire while the main annex was smoking . Guests and staff were tumbling out in shock. It is worth noting that Elementals can purr.

At the airstrip the team spots a twin engined Musk Weasel (small scale transport plane). The two most useful non-pilots (Johny and Eddie) in the history of aviation used their academic knowledge of aerocraft to:

  • Hack the auto-pilot
  • Unlink the aircraft from the resort computers
  • Fill-up the tanks
  • Un-lash all the various plain bits
  • Set the auto-pilot to fly northwards

Eddie decided that after fueling the plane he would set the fuel pumps to empty onto the tarmac, as their ignition could provide a further distraction to the guards. As the plane leaves the ground Paxhom freed his elemental from it’s servitude with a final command to “Set that fuel on fire”.
The ensuing hellish maelstrom of burning kerosene, diesel and stored vehicle batteries almost knocked the plane out of the sky.
The plane banks to the left on it’s flight path and Johny spots a woman being massively chewed out by someone. She is staring intently at the plane.

Scott called Mr. Johnson and a meeting was arranged at the Okanagan at the Kelowna airport. Percival tells Scott that the Robert Louie International Airport has lax security and several thousand nuyen should let them land. Johnson and Johnson Jr. would arrange to get out of Vancouver to meet the team ASAP and contact them later with details.
True to their word landing was arranged in return for filling out 1500 CA dash SH forms (aka 1500 nuyen scrip) in addition to leaving the plane behind. The auto-pilot lands on a runway that terminates well away from the main areas and sits conveniently beside a tented building. With a brief intimidation of the person meeting (he was clearly shocked at the poor state of Chet and Wilkes) the team manages to rent a 2 ton box truck and get out of the airport. None the wiser

A meeting was arranged with Johnson and Johnson Jr. in 4h or so at a truck stop south of Oroville. The team headed their early to find a massive refueling and rest stop. They elected to park out of the way, grab some food and get Eddie some clothes. The producers have come to and are introduced to Truck Stop Poutine and concussions. Apparently they have no experience with either of these, especially the exciting film of oil.

Paxhom, in a good sense of security, puts a barrier over the truck and summons a pair of elementals (Water{crocodillian} and Air {birdlike human}) just in case. While It guards the producers in the back of the truck. Johny watches from the cab and Scott/Eddie tour about.

When the Johnsons arrive in a large rental car, It escorts the producers from the truck towards the Johnsons.
A shot rips through It‘s leg, dropping him like 400lbs of meat. And the local PA demands, “Send the prisoners to walk towards the building”.
Being the obedient types they are, the team (well the conscious ones) immediately draw weapons and look for the shooter. The shooter took a second shot and put a hole into Paxhom (fortunately slowed by the barrier). Johny swung the truck around giving cover to the majority of the party, right before having to contest the control of the vehicles autopilot.
A mage popped up from a nearby ditch to send a lightning bolt into the rental car (blowing off wing mirrors and lights), Eddie shot and winged the mage right before Scott put a neat hole through the mage’s left eye. Paxhom sends both of his elementals to hunt and kill the shooter before turning to resuscitate It.

With the mage down a car appears in the nearby parking lot, which Eddie and the two Johnsons’ immediately start to hose down with vast amounts of lead. Notably Lance almost shoots It while drawing his gun.

As the shooter continues to try and hit Paxhom (as he successfully uses the truch and It’s body as cover) the elementals hunt her down. Percy and Lance capture the producers (who had been making a break for the highway). Johny manages to disable the autopilot successfully, by ripping the electronics junction out of the vehicle.
Percival is visibly upset about this ambush but packs the producers in to their injured car and makes a getaway.

At this point the crocodile and feathery human begin to have a competition on who can kill the shooter dead the most. The body is struck repeatedly by lightning while being rended by a Crocdile doing back to back death rolls. Paxhom elects not to interfere with the elemental pissing contest he has created. Johny erases the truck stop cameras while Eddie does a quick patch on the trucks fuze box and the team rushes out, back towards Vancouver.

Food Services: The 19th hole
Who let the dogs out?

The Team calls for a plane to pick them up, which will arrive in about 6 hours.
The producer, Wilkes, comes too and vomits profusely (blood, breakfast and gin). Scott threatens him. Everyone decides to sit tight and keep a watch out until the plane comes.

Paxhom takes a looks in Astral Space and sees some of the big dogs approaching (they are definitely some kind of dual-natured meat chewing monstrosities), while Johny is seeing all clear on the VR horizon.
Johny careful lifts and swaps SINs from the marks to It and Scott.
One of Wilkes and Chet’s colleagues come by to get them for dinner, but Scott intimidates them away by getting very upset that he would “show up and try to cock block his boss while he’s getting a sweet piece of ass”.

Scott‘s AR gets an overlay message from security telling him that they know ’he’ has been kidnapped and don’t worry security will getting them out. This puts the team on alert and Paxhom and Johny continue to keep watch.

The team is not in any way surprised when the Security guards let loose 4 of the massive hounds into their apartment. The “dogs” are not actually dogs, but Barghests. 2 of them immediately start the gnaw on It, who finds this very amusing until his Goggles flesh bright white, momentarily blinding him. Johny begins struggling to fend off the resident decker who is using the mainframe to make their life difficult. Eddie begins dancing with a Barghest of his own. One of the guards grabs Scott and begins hustling him out the back door shouting “Come on, we’re rescuing you!”. Paxhom begins summoning a massive Combat elemental.

Eddie bobs and weaves with his dance partner. The dance ends with the Barghest becoming intimate with his monowhip. Paxhom finishes summoning a Giant flaming Lion headed Combat elemental and instructs it to “Burn that damn Dog”. After killing the Barghest it then proceeds to set fire to the Brick wall behind it. Eddie realizes there is another guard outside and does a quick 2-Step past the Elemental and it’s puppy inferno. Introducing himself to the Guard he proceeds to completely fail to introduce him to his monowhip. The guard points his barrel into Eddie’s chest, pulls the trigger and introduces Eddie to his friends, Heckler & Kosh.

Meanwhile, It has decided that these puppies are really not as sweet and adorable as the first thought, and has decided they need to be turned inside out in order to have their perspective altered. Scott, who has at this point been “rescued” finds himself alone with a single guard and opens up the back of his skull as a thank you.

The two producers were actually grabbed by security during the fight. Paxhom and Scott try to resuscitate Eddie in a building where the elemental had set BRICKS ON FIRE. It runs down the guards who are hupping the producers. He chucks a knife into one with Johny managing to deliver a coup de gras.
It threatens the remaining guard who shoves a gun barrel into his captives mouth. Johny disables the guys smartgun which is not good for him as It’s punch is terminal.

The conversation went as follows:
Guard ‘You make a move and I blow this guys head off!’
Johny : ‘Hang on a sec It . ’
Guard <confused>
Johny ’Go It
Guard: <click>
Guard <face>

The group evacuates the fire that is apparently igniting nonburnable material (as the combat elemental has opened the gates of hell) and takes a moment to address a few wounds quickly.

Food Services
Old friends and new employers

After licking their wounds and otherwise obtaining consciousness everyone figured it was time to go home and have a shower. As there were a couple of spare motorcycles handy some keys were appropriated and everyone went home to clean up. After that a meeting was called with Tobias.

The job was set for several for several days. The turnaround on this was mere hours Tobias “Throatripper” Redknee decided to throw in some extra cash as a bonus.

He also told Scott Braddock that a fellow named Cpt. Percival G.A. Wain had been asking around for him. He seemed genuinely concerned about Scott Braddock but Tobias “Throatripper” Redknee did not give out his comm information just in case and passed along the message. He reminded the team that group was tomorrow and that it was going to be “Jane’s” turn to share.

Scott gave Percy a call and they setup a meet for tomorrow afternoon downtown at ‘The Butcher and Bullock’ pub.
Afterwards the group heads over to Max Pwer (Mad Max) auto shop and Johny Awe-Sum shows him the bikes. Max thinks it over for a bit and agrees to move them. He says he’ll get in touch in a couple of days with a sale price.

At group they are introduced to a newcomer, named Eddie
Eddie shares (need some details here)
After Eddie finishes his tale (both Johny and Scott fail miserably to recognize him) it’s Jane’s turn to share. For the next 45 minutes everyone at group is subjected to her neurotic ramblings. Currently she is very upset and worried that her rat no longer likes her. It is chewing on the end of it’s paper roll very violently. This is causing her no end of suffering and torment.

Her story touches Scott deeply. After group he heads down to New Westminster and pops in to see Phiki. He explains how depressed Jane’s story made him and asks her if she has anything that might make him feel happier.
He purchases a SIM and goes into her guest room to slot it He then spends the next 3 hours dieing of liver failure. He wakes up late the next morning, at home feeling, alive and AWESOME!!
“I just died of liver failure and I FEEL GREAT!!! I have NO IDEA how i got home and i DON’T CARE because i just survived dieing of liver failure!! WOOOOOooo”

The team meets with Percy and Lance, who immeadiately check on how Scott is doing and if he is using (and are somewhat displeased that he is still using). The now asking to be called Mr. Johnson indicate that a SIM production company (specifically the food network) have elected to change security providers. They ask that the team either kill or kidnap the executive producer (Chet VanderHoof) and producer (Wilkes Bush) while they are taking an AR golf vacation in a resort near Ferndale.
Mr. Johnson says that he can provide 5 SINs of registered guests, however they won’t match the biometrics and encoding data (especially for a troll and a cybered out elf). As a note the golf resort runs on full AR and is designed to emulate a 19th century Victorian style resort, to say the least it is very humano-centric but the system locks all AR systems into full. Mr. Johnson also indicates that he can arrange for a charter helicopter to get them into the resort.

Johny goes VR and manages to edit the AR file(s) for the SINs. A small tangle with some IC causes some damage to his deck but he makes it out intact.

Going in, the team elects to have EddieWin stealth completely, while the rest of the team uses their new IDs (interestingly It ended up with a Samantha Deacon’s id, she happens to be a 5’3" brunette).
On the way in the team sees that the resort has very few gates and the fencing seems to be 12’ razor wire in two concentric rings. between the fences are some type of astrally capable and very large dog (Paxhom opines that they are likely Hellhounds). They are greeted by stunned porters (no baggage and short one guest).
In AR they see loads of very Caucasian people in white ‘country’ outfits playing golf, polo (out of AR on little wheeled platforms), tennis and drinking in the sun. Quite lovely if you believe in some sort of utopian pre-goblinizatin white washed society.
As they are guided to their room, Scott spot Wilkes.

It and Eddie go and scope out where they saw Wilkes. On the way they see one of the ‘dogs’, they are huge (over 4’ at the shoulder and easily 200lbs). They find the marks, they are incredibly drunk in a golf foursome.
In a brilliant move, It uses his femininity to lure the producers back for an ‘audition’… my god were they drunk as they decided to stagger back to ’Samantha’s’ room.

On the way back a guard/dog combination moves to investigate but Eddie distracts them with a clever pistol shot.
On entering the teams party room, It and Eddie club the the poor gits in a blur of teeth and blood.

The Rosary

The Characters (Scott, It, Johny, and Paxhom) met Tobias “Throatripper” Redknee at an abandoned RV park in Chiliwack. Tobias drove up majestically in his highly expensive black, red and chrome muscle car (Fiat-Chrysler Imperial) and handed out beers to to everyone involved. At which point he re-introduced himself as Mr. Johnson.
Apparently there was a client had a very old rosary (wood cross with INRI almost rubbed out and ivory beads) taken by a motorcycle gang setting up shop nearby. The client would be quite willing to part with 30k nuyen for the return of their property. Some banter occurred with Paxhom trying to suss out the identity of someone who would care for an obviously well loved rosary, the net result was that no one cared what occurred with the gangers.
Investigation found that the gang was led by a very imposing troll and it seemed that an elf was an obvious shaman. The gang was basing themselves in an old gas station off of a secondary highway.
The group motored to the gas station and found only 2 bikes locally. Scott volunteered to talk to the residents, Paxhom elected to buff Scott’s reaction time. This turned Scott in a squirrel hyped up on too much Caffeine. When a dwarf answered the door the following occurred, very quickly.
Scott, “Hicanyouhandovertherosary”
Surprised Dwarf “… Fuck off”
Scott “PlanB!”
Scott stabbed the dwarf in the neck/
At which point nothing goes well for the two gangers as they are stabbed, shot, slashed and variously made very dead.

While most of the group was surprised at the suddenness of the altercation, the gas station was swept (finding a bale of dope and 7 sleeping areas as well as an impressively clogged toilet) to ratify that a shaman was with the gang due to the lodge in a car bay.
Johny and Paxhom elected to tour around and try and find the gangers, with success. It and Scott settled in (Scott on the roof in a hidden position and It on the couch, mercifully troll sized)
4 bikers were traveling back home in a relaxed manner (apparently comm etiquette is lacking). When the gang arrived at the gas station, the lack of response from the two guards was becoming worrisome. However, Scott elected to open up negotiations by opening up the Elf-Shamans face … in a fairly terminal manner.
Strangely, negotiations did not go well after that. While Scott layed down cover fire(well pegged anyone at leisure really), It moved to the front of the building and grenades stated going off. It started chopping people to bits, and the big troll made a break for it on his motorcycle, with Johny and Paxhom close behind.
The shaman’s bound spirit made a B-line for Scott and frankly made mincemeat out of him. While It polished of any gangers still in one piece at the front before running to intercept the Troll at the back.
Meanwhile, Johny chased the motorcycle in his van, Paxhom buffed the heck of out of the vehicle. This was handy as Johny decided to cut the corner of the building. What happens when an immovable object(building) meets an unstoppable force(big van)? While in this case the unstoppable force came to an abrupt halt, not so much the ambulatory flesh bags riding inside.
The big Troll bowled into the garage firing blindly at It (who elected to try and be peaceable). Unfortunately the spirit, done eating Scott, decided that the best way to celebrate it’s new found freedom was by pulling the troll-ganger’s aorta out, as a thank you for how shittily the troll treated his shaman.

After a lot of effort resuscitating the heavily injured (Paxhom was conscious, Scott and Johny were mostly dead), the cross was found with the shaman. Some of the beads had soaked up a bit of blood to cause a stain. Since no one seemed to have noticed the altercation various bits and bobs held by the gangers were appropriated before buggering off.


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