Broken People

Food Services: Flight to the Okanagan

Fire it up

With the team in relatively good shape and the golf resort on fire, It bundled up the the producers and the team followed Eddie and Scott in a stealthy dash across the golf course towards the airstrip.

During this time, the fire set by the Lion-headed elemental was raging out of control, continuing to burn things that had no business being on fire. The north wing of the building was a raging fire while the main annex was smoking . Guests and staff were tumbling out in shock. It is worth noting that Elementals can purr.

At the airstrip the team spots a twin engined Musk Weasel (small scale transport plane). The two most useful non-pilots (Johny and Eddie) in the history of aviation used their academic knowledge of aerocraft to:

  • Hack the auto-pilot
  • Unlink the aircraft from the resort computers
  • Fill-up the tanks
  • Un-lash all the various plain bits
  • Set the auto-pilot to fly northwards

Eddie decided that after fueling the plane he would set the fuel pumps to empty onto the tarmac, as their ignition could provide a further distraction to the guards. As the plane leaves the ground Paxhom freed his elemental from it’s servitude with a final command to “Set that fuel on fire”.
The ensuing hellish maelstrom of burning kerosene, diesel and stored vehicle batteries almost knocked the plane out of the sky.
The plane banks to the left on it’s flight path and Johny spots a woman being massively chewed out by someone. She is staring intently at the plane.

Scott called Mr. Johnson and a meeting was arranged at the Okanagan at the Kelowna airport. Percival tells Scott that the Robert Louie International Airport has lax security and several thousand nuyen should let them land. Johnson and Johnson Jr. would arrange to get out of Vancouver to meet the team ASAP and contact them later with details.
True to their word landing was arranged in return for filling out 1500 CA dash SH forms (aka 1500 nuyen scrip) in addition to leaving the plane behind. The auto-pilot lands on a runway that terminates well away from the main areas and sits conveniently beside a tented building. With a brief intimidation of the person meeting (he was clearly shocked at the poor state of Chet and Wilkes) the team manages to rent a 2 ton box truck and get out of the airport. None the wiser

A meeting was arranged with Johnson and Johnson Jr. in 4h or so at a truck stop south of Oroville. The team headed their early to find a massive refueling and rest stop. They elected to park out of the way, grab some food and get Eddie some clothes. The producers have come to and are introduced to Truck Stop Poutine and concussions. Apparently they have no experience with either of these, especially the exciting film of oil.

Paxhom, in a good sense of security, puts a barrier over the truck and summons a pair of elementals (Water{crocodillian} and Air {birdlike human}) just in case. While It guards the producers in the back of the truck. Johny watches from the cab and Scott/Eddie tour about.

When the Johnsons arrive in a large rental car, It escorts the producers from the truck towards the Johnsons.
A shot rips through It‘s leg, dropping him like 400lbs of meat. And the local PA demands, “Send the prisoners to walk towards the building”.
Being the obedient types they are, the team (well the conscious ones) immediately draw weapons and look for the shooter. The shooter took a second shot and put a hole into Paxhom (fortunately slowed by the barrier). Johny swung the truck around giving cover to the majority of the party, right before having to contest the control of the vehicles autopilot.
A mage popped up from a nearby ditch to send a lightning bolt into the rental car (blowing off wing mirrors and lights), Eddie shot and winged the mage right before Scott put a neat hole through the mage’s left eye. Paxhom sends both of his elementals to hunt and kill the shooter before turning to resuscitate It.

With the mage down a car appears in the nearby parking lot, which Eddie and the two Johnsons’ immediately start to hose down with vast amounts of lead. Notably Lance almost shoots It while drawing his gun.

As the shooter continues to try and hit Paxhom (as he successfully uses the truch and It’s body as cover) the elementals hunt her down. Percy and Lance capture the producers (who had been making a break for the highway). Johny manages to disable the autopilot successfully, by ripping the electronics junction out of the vehicle.
Percival is visibly upset about this ambush but packs the producers in to their injured car and makes a getaway.

At this point the crocodile and feathery human begin to have a competition on who can kill the shooter dead the most. The body is struck repeatedly by lightning while being rended by a Crocdile doing back to back death rolls. Paxhom elects not to interfere with the elemental pissing contest he has created. Johny erases the truck stop cameras while Eddie does a quick patch on the trucks fuze box and the team rushes out, back towards Vancouver.


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