Raul Tezcatlipoca

Aztlan Tycoon


Raul Tezcatlipoca (Tes-Caht-lee-poh-cah) is a multifaceted businessman who operates primariliy in Aztlan. While he is theoretically independent of the AAA corporation, Aztechnology, he is of course peripherally involved as a proud Mesoamerican and holds several key advisory posts with the big-A.

Senor Tezcatlipoca’s business concerns are far reaching with particular emphasis on organic food and drug production. He has been instrumental in the development of several SimSense and music stars careers and is regularly seen with his present entourage. He has also cheerfully admitted to losing money with his love of various sports and owns several venues and teams:

  • Oaxaca Smoke Jaguars Football
  • Oaxaca Smoke Jaguars Baseball
  • Sinaloa Rodeo arena
  • Tenochitlan Eagle Warriors Urban Brawlers
  • 1/5 of all top tier wrestlers are supported by the Senor

Senor Tezcatlipoca rarely leaves Aztlan as many other countries feel that his use of Aztlan’s indentureship and drug laws are not supportable internationally.

Raul Tezcatlipoca

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