Broken People

A Refresh for August

Licking wounds

After an uninspiring trip back to Vancouver (even a roadblock was passed with ease) the group engaged in some rest and recharge including many of the following:

  • A stack of certified credsticks were delivered to Scott’s abode, including a 2k bonus which Scott pockets.
  • Scott distributes the cash and wanders of to go on an extended drug-cation with the bonus cash.
  • Scott buys 3 BTLs (an upper, a Jack the Ripper persona chip, and a hospice death)
  • Paxhom realizes that in order to move out of his squat he will need to acquire a SIN. He manages to make contact with a Sergei Saytsova an Ork chef of Russian descent who provides Paxhom with a high quality SIN.
  • MadMax asks that Johny and go come to his Vancouver garage to receive the sale price of the bikes, at a very specific time. Offering a bonus means that the team gets to be at Max’s garage as a well dressed and armed fellow came by to pressurize Max into vacating the premises. Scott causes a bit of a scene as he was slotting a BTL that revved him up)
  • It spends some time and money with some soup kitchens and youth outreach programs. Then buys stuff.
  • Johny repairs his deck while ordering and buying a whack of new cool toys including a new animatronic tattoo of a truck.
  • Paxhom finds an apartment with a large workspace then contacts Ms. Khat to purchase a lodge. Ms. Khat takes brutal advantage of Paxhom and polishes his little abbot.
  • Scott reacts badly to the Ripper BTL and loses 3 days. He wakes up to find a bloody leather apron in a closet. Then a liver, a pair of lungs, kidneys, and a left hand in the fridge.

A Senor Fernandez (aka Mr. Johnson in Spanish) was reputed to be looking for Eddie. A meet was arranged at an address in a very sleazy part of East Vancouver. When the team arrived the row house showed a significant amount of passive security (reinforces walls, fences with barbs, heavy doors, cameras).
On approach Eddie’s ID was verified via active and passive scanning and the team was let into a very well appointed office with a receptionist who informed the team that Senor Fernandez would meet with the team in a VR room and that they were to enter the next office and each person was to grasp the door handle firmly.
Upon entry the team apparently walked into an evening meeting in Aztlan with a Mesoamerican fellow with a bit of a black and silver fetish. Eddie freezes up as he realizes that Senor Fernandez is Raul Tezcatlipoca and was the holder of his indentureship. Johny says something snotty about coffee (Juam Valdez) at which point the senor ensures that some of his Organic Coffee be made available.
Senor Fernandez offers the team a job to go and investigate a holding in UCAS that he is unable to visit directly. Offering 10,000nuyen per week and a flight landing near Sioux City. Clever haranguing and negotiating insisted on a 3 week minimum, reasonable expenses and that the team would not do anything other than visit/find the property in question. This was agreed upon and a departure no later than Wednesday (5 days) was insisted upon.
As a bonus, Senor Fernandez asked that the run be recorded on Eddie’s (now catatonic) Sim recording gear. An aside with Paxhom had another gift left for the team.
On departure a package of a few data sticks, a bag of freshly roasted coffee, a SimSense kit and a card (labeled Duende de Morta Jungle Trek)
The data sticks show an imprecise map that cites a location 140 miles north west of Sioux City and what appears to be some sort of bizarre church/pyramid building. The area is one of the places that was effected by the massive forest regrowth most commonly noted in Amazonia.


Denis Denis

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