Broken People

Into the woods

-Trip to Sioux City
– low level flight with ~40 migrant workers
– flight went north ensuring that it was never closer than 1000km from Denver
– met by a farmer in his field and driven to his farm, fed, and let to have their 2 trucks.
– Drive to Dickinson (nearest city to the church/temple) is over 500miles expected 2 days
– On a pit stop the team finds a place that sells real salami, which they spend a ton of money to buy and eat.

- Arriving into Dickinson (pop 200) the team noticed several things
– A farmers field has a massive camp with at least 40 people wearing survivalist/paramilitary outfits (also armed)
– In the direction of the church/temple is a huge wood with 100m+ trees. Clearly, the magical spike was very extreme.

- The team decides that the SINless (Scott and It) should take the less legal equipment by foot around the town while the rest gather supplies and fuel.
– Johny was awesome and ran not one, but two cars into the back of the town’s sheriff (Lone Star)
-Cop turns out to be set in combat armour and armed to the teeth. He tells off the team but accidentally called Eddie a Keebler. At which point Eddie went on a tear effectively sexually harassment. But the sheriff decides to tell them to be careful and avoid the yahoos out of the city.

- Moving to the woods, the team got stalked by two of the milita. And perhaps, Eddie et al got a bit excited and exterminated them and buried the bodies.
-The trees are huge some are well over 100m tall.
- The team marched quickly through the forest, briefly stalked by a cougar
- they find the church… and its guardian a youthful feathered serpent. Who is apparently the missing staff member named Burning Lake.

- Johny gets dragged up a tree to contact Senor Fernandez. Who offers an ammendment:
15,000 if they can remove the artifact
25,000 if they can save this
-Also please ask Burning Lake to come home
– militia must have some relic to find the church, team was inivited

Team goes out and tries to ghost the militia and spot that Pope Joan is there. Also they see the wood and bone crucifix
A small group of militia try to sneak up on the team and are killed


Denis Denis

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