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Broken People


In the next world not everyone is happy and well adjusted, some people are barely able to hold back their own barbarity and cope with the magic and technology of the new world.

We begin with our characters attending a self-help group chaired by an ex-Orxploitation band member named Tobias Redknee (used to be Throatripper when he was playing in the band Left Hand of Death). While the majority of the help group are true down and outers it is clear that a few people are anything but common:



- Paxhom, left a severe Coptic sect when he discovered magic and the astral plane slightly before he was ordained. While struggling to adapt to a non-monotheistic world view, he has come under the advice of an owl headed spirit named Busara (lit. wisdom). Technology and customs are a painful struggle.

- “It”, a child of a Humanis Policlub family who had the temerity to goblinize into a troll. Years of imprisonment, mental and physical abuse has caused “It” to be hideously scarred and have vast swathes of memory lost. Once becoming an adept he escaped with some help and has since developed an extremely rigorous personal code similar to a Robin Hood syndrome.

- Scott Braddock was a ruler straight company man who had achieved admission into the Ares Knights (a tier 3 special forces group owned by Ares Macrotechnology). Unfortunately a horrifying SIM training experience left Scott spiraling out of control. Persistent blackouts and a mounting BTL addiction made Ares cut him loose.

- Johny Awe-sum has no problems with technology. In fact he can’t get “excited” without it. Johny has long loved tech and has crafted his life to appreciate it in all ways. Recently he was stopped by friends from installing a wire into his pleasure centre and has realized that his relationship is pretty sick.

- Eddie Winchester born in absolute poverty with a dream to become a samurai, EddieWin literally sold himself for his dream. A 4 year absolute indentureship in Aztlan in return for top notch medical services. While Eddieexpected to work as an Engineer after the first round of surgery he is driven into a horrifying bacchanalia of sex, snuff, violence all while recording sim-stim. 4 years to the day he was dropped on the streets with his surgeries complete and a pair of shoes crafted out of his own skin and bone.

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